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enjoyed @Alliancemag and @CambridgeCSP's webinar about #PowerinPhilanthropy today - lots to think about from all of the excellent panellists

HNIs in Africa tend to mimic elite Western philanthropy models which reinforces the current challenges of philanthropy on the ground. The small local giving can actually move the needle for more impact #ShiftThePower @Alliancemag

What should INGOs be doing in the Global South? They need to exercise solidarity w local actors, trust and humility, stop acting like corporations says @DeganAli @Alliancemag #PowerInPhilanthropy

As always refreshing truth from @DeganAli - there might be a need to organise & professionalise global south philanthropy but not to replicate US/Euro models. Philanthropy already exists...perhaps without the egos & logos we see in the north?!#PowerinPhilanthropy @Alliancemag

@Alliancemag @DeganAli May say the same for Kenya during this time of COVID crisis - social network support is really underrated and sadly undocumented. While most funding (private/govt) was restricted or preplanned, social support adapted swiftly to protect those most vulnerable #Africanphilanthropy

Degan Ali cautions about viewing philanthropy thru the lens of western philanthropy. The poor actually give the most but because it is not captured and documented properly, it is not given the same importance @Alliancemag

On @Alliancemag webinar "towards a new balance of power in philanthropy." Satrijo Tanudjojo of @tanotoeducation speaks about potential of local philanthropy in Indonesia: ind giving doubled in last 4 years, but this must be encouraged further. #ShiftThePower #PowerInPhilanthropy

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