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a massive thanks to everyone who tuned into our webinar today! keep an eye on @Alliancemag 👀 for the recording next week if you missed the main event

Less than 2% of all philanthropy globally is directed at climate change, & less than 0.5% of philanthropic dollars are directed to Indigenous Peoples who are on the frontlines of this crisis. Support Indigenous solutions to climate chaos!

Fantastic discussion in Alliance's climate philanthropy webinar w/ CIFF, Extinction Rebellion & Global Greengrants' Board co-chair Nnimmo Bassey who said our participatory grassroots community led model is essential to stop destruction of our planet. @Alliancemag @GreengrantsFund

Totally agree with @medinagomez @CIFFchild on @Alliancemag: We need all types of actors, all types of strategies, at the same time, to tackle the #climatecrisis. To do this, we need to address the unequal distribution of resources, towards frontline communities & movements.

@medinagomez @CIFFchild "Less than 2% of global philanthropic giving has gone to tackle #climatechange, even smaller portion has gone to #movementbuilding." It's webinars like this organised by @Alliancemag that are so important to increase funding to climate movements.

Excited to be @Alliancemag 's important and urgent webinar on #climatefunding - I'm now listening along with 258 participants to Nnimmo Bassey @GreengrantsFund who says the climate movement isn't just about what you see in cities but also what you see at the #Grassroots

Our struggles are not in siloes - we as funders need to consciously support linking of movements incl grassroots to international @NnimmoB @GreengrantsFund giving this example of #Ogoniland resistance to fossil fuels @Alliancemag webinar

What's missing in movement/funder relationships? @GreengrantsFund co-chair @NnimmoB: funders need to listen to & trust the voices of communities, women, people w/ disabilities who are fighting for justice. A participatory grantmaking model helps with that! @Alliancemag webinar

We're tuned in to this webinar on #climatefunding- join us! Thanks to @Alliancemag for hosting this important topic.

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