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Reminder that this great event is taking place on the 4th February at 4pm. We're joined by @matthewbowcock, Ida Levine, @RichardStilgoe, Tim Joss, and Francesca Sanderson.
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Report Launch 🚀
On Tues, Feb 9 from 1-2pm (UK time), @BeaconAwards will be launching their report "The UK as a Centre of Excellence for Philanthropists & Social Investors", examining the UK's current strengths and weaknesses in this area.
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News 📣
Nesta's Arts & Culture Finance, Upstart, & Fundación Compromiso have launched a collection of essays showcasing global initiatives spanning the creative economy.
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Don't forget to register for this afternoon's #WalkInMyShoes episode on Sustainable Investment: Managing Impact Investment Strategies with Investors' Values, Motivations, & Goals".
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Sneak Preview❗️Registration will open soon for our next event, Effective Philanthropy, in collaboration with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors on 25th Feb. We'll explore different approaches to personal philanthropy & ask – what is effective philanthropy? Mark your calendar!

Don't forget that ‘Examples of the Way Forward’, the 4th & final part of the latest issue of our Magazine, has now been published and is available to read online.

The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon...

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Interesting reading here from @Alliancemag on how major commercial and investment banks, asset managers & insurers have adopted a common metric to account for the greenhouse gas emissions they finance ➡️
#ClimateAction #ImpactInvesting #Philanthropy

The next #WalkInMyShoes "Sustainable investment - Matching Impact Investment Strategies with Investor’s Values, Motivations & Goals" is now available for registration ➡️
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