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Great to be profiled in @Alliancemag's latest issue on climate philanthropy, alongside other platforms, networks and funds that are enabling funders to combine their efforts in the battle against #climatechange.

You can read the full list here:

Constitutional change and devolution – is there a role for #philanthropy?

Read SCI Director @MartinOBrien17 writing in @Alliancemag here:

The world is experiencing two closely related crises that threaten our way of life: the climate and biodiversity crises.

Our own Chuck Cooper lays out the reasons why now is the time to generate impactful investments for conservation in his @Alliancemag op-ed.

Brilliant discussion today with @Alliancemag @charleskeidan @topnigel @Asiti @JenkittKitt on the importance of climate philanthropy to help us achieve #ClimateAction now. Only 2% of philanthropic $$$ currently goes to climate solutions and we must change this!

@COP26 #COP26

Great team effort, @HannahyoungNYC et al. @UKinNewYork @UKinUSA @TPWGiveBetter @Alliancemag

"...#Dasra...together with Indian organisations, have been raising funds for relief work – so far $2.9 million has been donated." via @Alliancemag
#BacktheFrontline #ABillionThriving

Yay! It's a good one... πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½ #climateaction #philanthropy @Alliancemag

β€˜Though avoiding trad. institutional philanthropy herself, Scott’s most recent donations signal she sees the value in supporting the philanthropy ecosystem + infrastructure bodies, perhaps w/ aim of recognising their contribution + pushing them in a more progressive direction.’

@topnigel @ClimateWorks @JenkittKitt @SofiaArroyoMC @charleskeidan @Asiti On the possible impact of the $10bn Bezos Earth Fund: 'I think we all dream of many funders like this coming in to help fund everything at the same time so we can get to where we're going', says @JenkittKitt. The Fund is thinking about collaboration on a global scale, she says.

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