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The Council provides the leadership & tools needed by philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance & sustain their ability to advance the common good.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2021 HUD Secretary's Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships —which recognizes excellence in cross-sector partnerships that increase the quality of life for low-and moderate-income residents in the US.

"Know that you are part of a living chain of people who have dreamed and worked for a better world. We are not required to complete the task, but we cannot abandon it." @allen_tonya #LeadingTogether

"The definition of radical is to get to the heart or the root of something. The future of philanthropy needs to be about radical love. And not just be about it, but be a purveyor of it." @allen_tonya #LeadingTogether

"Philanthropy has to go back to its roots so that we can lift our world with wings." @allen_tonya #LeadingTogether

"We must seek to raise the bar regarding what is necessary to achieve meaningful change, both domestically and globally." @eastbaycf #LeadingTogether

"How do we reconcile the fact that much of our resources are the results of past oppressive actions against the very people we seek to serve? I believe we start by being transparent and willing to lead the dialogue." @eastbaycf #LeadingTogether

"My vision for the future of philanthropy is twofold. The first is to continuously build trust with our grantees and the communities we serve. The second is to share power with those communities."
#ArmandoCastellano #LeadingTogether

"If philanthropy is to have a more equitable future, this would mean during the next pandemic, disabled lives would be prioritized, and this alone makes it a commitment worth making." @NotYourAvgHo101 @WaltonFamilyFdn #LeadingTogether

"Trends fade over time, but disabled people are not trends. We've been here with you since the beginning." @NotYourAvgHo101 @WaltonFamilyFdn #LeadingTogether

"In a polarized political environment, nonprofits and foundations are needed now more than ever. Use your unique positions to further your missions, bring people together, and restore the connective tissue in our communities." @SpeakerRyan #LeadingTogether

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